Triple Glazing

Triple glazing is a system of sealed unity using three sheets of glass rather than two in the standard double glazed unit. Triple glazing is not yet the norm in the UK, in colder countries such as in Scandinavia it has been a building standard for many years.
The Aim of triple glazing is to provide better thermal and sound insulation than you would find with other forms of windows. The inner pane and sometimes the middle pane has a low emissivity coating. Also known as K Glass, this has a metallic coating on the inner side of the unit. The effect of the coating is to allow short wave length sunlight to enter a room and heat it up and achieve a large reflection on the long wave length sunlight, thus the window minimises the existing heat loss that exists around all windows. So if you are looking for improvements on your heat loss and extra sound proofing to your home speak to our sales representative about upgrading to triple glazing.

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