Conservatory Repairs

Over time some double glazed units can start to develop condensation between the panes of glass and is what we term a ‘broken down’ or ‘failed’ unit. This occurs when the seals lose their airtight properties due to the perishing of the materials after years of continual expansion and contraction that happen in fluctuating temperatures of weather. These units can be easily and simply replaced in most cases.

We also replace window handles, locks and hinges.

Locks can be upgraded to higher security locking.

To avoid a lot of repairs it is advisable to lightly lubricate mechanical moving parts as outlined in our care guide and form part of the warranty requirements.

Conservatory polycarbonate roof panels can sometimes develop algae or mould in between the layers and so these can be replaced. We also upgrade existing polycarbonate roof panels to polycarbonate ‘heat save’ panels or even glass panels depending on the roof size and weight bearing properties of your existing conservatory which in turn if necessary could be reinforced to withstand any increased weight.


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